This module allows your customers to comfortably pay their invoices by scanning the QR code in their banking app.


  • Appends QR to PDF invoices, HTML invoices and e-mails
  • Supports all countries adhering to SEPA with standards EPC v2 and SPAYD
  • Fully translated into German, French, Italian and Dutch
  • Supports BlueRabbIT BestPDF and Cmsbased CleanPDF/CleanHTML modules

What you get

  • Documentation in English for installation, configuration and customization
  • Actively developed and maintained, we use this module ourselves
  • Professional support
  • Adds QR code to PDF, HTML and email invoices

  • Supports EPCv2 and SPAYD standards

  • Integrates with BlueRabbIT BestPDF

  • Integrates with Cmsbased CleanPDF

  • Integrates with Cmsbased CleanHTML

  • Actively maintained

  • Professional Support

  • Compatible with WHMCS 7.0 – 8.x


Licensing options

Monthly Lease


Yearly Lease


Owned License

199one time*

CHF and USD currencies also available
*Includes 1 year free support and updates – each following year will cost 25€ (optional)