Maximum flexibility is a very flexible service that lets you distribute notifications across numerous devices instantly. Leverage the power of the new WHMCS Notification System and use Pushover as a provider.

Seamless integration

Our module integrates seamlessly with the WHMCS Notification System introduced in WHMCS version 7.4. All you need is a account and you are good to go. Create WHMCS notification rules and select the Pushover provider, with customizable notification priority and sound for each notification.

  • Pushover Notification Provider

  • Actively maintained

  • Professional Support

  • Compatible with WHMCS 7.0 – 8.x


Licensing options

Yearly Lease


Owned License

49one time*

CHF and USD currencies also available
* Includes 1 year free support and updates – each following year will cost 5€ (optional)